I'm in paradise:)


Since the last time i was in here writing there has been some fun things happening:) We had a really nice Kick Off with a boat-trip, an icebar, dinner at Ricos and lots of alcohol :P think we were home at 4 or something ;)

Today some of the girls has been to Similan Islands, and i only have one thing to say: It's PARADISE:) I have never seen a more white beaches ever in my life:) If any of you are planning on going to Thailand, then Similan Island is a must!!

besides from this the days are usually about work :P But i love my life :D

till next time! xoxo :)

Team CC HKT :)

Me at Similan :)

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25, Hornindal

ei blid jente som likar alt og alle rundt seg:) skal snart ut i Ving's verden og jobbe for dei. Dette gleder eg meg veldig masse til:)