Intro soon over and Contact center HKT will open :)

Oh my god. I can't believe that it's been 4 weeks since I left Turkey. Time is going by so fast and we've had some hard weeks of introduction. But my god it's been FABULOUS :) Lots of hotels, beaches, i'm not complaining ;)

On sunday is the first day at the office så then the phones will go. And with the classic "Velkommen til Ving du snakker med Therese", we are ready to rock this shit ;)

Check out my pictures on facebook:) maybe you will get some inspiration to come here. AND if you come from Norway: BRING SOME NORWEGIAN FOOD TO ME AND THERESE DYRLI :D

This will be our first christmas together without the family so... some comfort food :)



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25, Hornindal

ei blid jente som likar alt og alle rundt seg:) skal snart ut i Ving's verden og jobbe for dei. Dette gleder eg meg veldig masse til:)